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Welcome to the KHA Quality Data Website

The Quality Indicators presented on this site are a set of measures developed by the Agency for Healthcare Quality & Research that provide a perspective on hospital quality of care using hospital administrative data. These nationally recognized indicators reflect quality of care inside hospitals and include inpatient mortality for certain procedures and medical conditions; utilization of procedures for which there are questions of overuse, underuse, and misuse; and volume of procedures for which there is some evidence that a higher volume of procedures is associated with lower mortality.   

These statistics and descriptions do not begin to represent all there is to know about the quality of hospitals. You should not attempt to choose a hospital based solely on statistics and descriptions such as those in this report. Current methods of assessing hospital quality are not mature enough to support such a use.  

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About the software:
The IQIs are a software tool distributed free by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ). The software can be used to help hospitals identify potential problem areas that might need further study and which can provide an indirect measure of in-hospital quality of care. The IQI software programs can be applied to any hospital inpatient administrative data.   Click here for Frequently Asked Questions about the Quality Indicators.  The data in the AHRQ software is risk-adjusted using the All-patient Refined Diagnosis Related Group (APR-DRG) Grouper. 

About these reports:
Data Source: 
Kentucky UB92 Inpatient Database (based on DRG year)

Exclusions: Psych and Rehabilitation hospitals were excluded from the data.  Hospitals that had less than 20 cases meeting the indicator criteria are not shown on the reports.