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INSTRUCTIONS FOR RUNNING REPORTS                                        


Select a Hospital.
You may do so by choosing a hospital from the list on the next screen.  Your selection will be placed in the User List Selections.  If you do not know the hospital you want to select, you may choose “-- ALL HOSPITALS--”.


Select a Year
Currently 2006 - 2010 data is available from the KHA Inpatient Database.


Select a Medicare Severity Diagnosis Related Groups (MSDRG)
After the hospital screen, a list of MSDRGs will appear. An MSDRG is a more specific classification of hospitalization types based on the patient’s medical condition, procedures performed (if any), and, in some cases, the age and/or sex of the patient. Choose the MSDRG that most closely reflects the specific type of hospitalization you would like to research. Please note that the only MSDRGs that will display for a specific hospital are those for which the hospital had at least twenty discharges.  

On this screen you can also search by keyword, MSDRG Number.



Receive the results.
After you select a specific type of hospitalization, the following information will be displayed:

  • The number of discharges, median age, the median length of stay, and median charges including the lower and upper ranges for all hospitals you selected for the MSDRG you indicated.  You can choose to run different MSDRG reports from that screen as well as print the report.