Kentucky MRSA Collaborative
Thank you for participating in the MRSA Collaborative and Benchmarking Program. Data collection will conclude with the collection of December 2012 MRSA data. Because hospitals will begin reporting of MRSA data under the National Healthcare Safety Network (NHSN) through the CDC as part of the Hospital Inpatient Quality Reporting Program, KHA will no longer collect this data for benchmarking. The MRSA Benchmarking system will remain active through 2013 for current users. If you have any questions, please contact Elizabeth Cobb.


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Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA)

Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) is a type of bacteria that is resistant to certain antibiotics including methicillin and other more common antibiotics. Staph infections, including MRSA, occur most frequently among persons in hospitals and healthcare facilities such as nursing homes and dialysis centers.  However recently, such infections have been identified in otherwise healthy people who have not been recently hospitalized or had a medical procedures and are  known as community-associated (CA)-MRSA infections.

MRSA is becoming more prevalent in community and healthcare settings. According to CDC data, the proportion of infections that are antimicrobial resistant has been growing. In 1974, MRSA infections accounted for two percent of the total number of staph infections; in 1995 it was 22%; in 2004 it was 63%.

The Kentucky Hospital Association, in partnership with the University of Louisville School of Public Health and Information Sciences, the University of Kentucky, the Kentucky Department for Public Health and Health Care Excel of Kentucky are launching a statewide MRSA Collaborative aimed at increasing knowledge regarding  identification, treatment and containment of MRSA.  The Collaborative will utilize current best practices, national experts, and easily accessibly Web-based tools to educate health care providers as well as members of other disciplines. 




MRSA Collaborate Commitment Form Due November 30

The rate of MRSA (methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus) infections, attributed as both health care acquired (HA) and community acquired (CA), has increased at alarming rates in recent years. Consequently, the problems with MRSA are receiving a great deal of attention from the public, media and regulators. In an effort to assist hospitals and other stakeholders in our community with taking a pro-active approach to the occurrence of MRSA, KHA has partnered with the University of Louisville School of Public Health and Information Sciences, the University of Kentucky, the Kentucky Department for Public Health and Health Care Excel to develop a statewide MRSA Collaborative aimed at improving identification, treatment and containment.

As part of KHA’s efforts, we are asking every hospital to sign a statement indicating your hospital’s commitment to the MRSA Collaborative and to reducing the occurrence of MRSA in your hospital and community. As part of that commitment, hospitals are being asked to take a number of actions.

MRSA Collaborative participants will:

  • Sign a commitment letter and identify a team leader designated to serve as the contact person for your facility and lead MRSA improvement efforts
  • Participate in the Hospital MRSA Survey being distributed on October 1
  • Implement key components of the Kentucky MRSA Toolkit (available in December) including:
    • Update infection control policies
    • Implement competency checklists
    • Provide education materials for patients and families
    • Educate about antimicrobial stewardship
  • Participate in data collection to support analysis of improvement

A copy of the Commitment Form is available online at info.kyha.com/documents/MRSACommitment.pdf. Please complete and return the form by November 30. For further information, contact Elizabeth Cobb at KHA (502-426-6220 or 800-945-4542 or via e-mail at ecobb@kyha.com).


Participating Hospitals
  • Baptist Hospital East

  • Baptist Hospital Northeast

  • Baptist Regional Medical Center

  • Bluegrass Community Hospital

  • Bourbon Community Hospital

  • Breckinridge Memorial Hospital

  • Caldwell County Hospital

  • Cardinal Hill Rehabilitation Hospital

  • Carroll County Memorial Hospital

  • Casey County Hospital

  • Caverna Memorial Hospital Inc.

  • Central Baptist Hospital

  • Central State Hospital

  • Clinton County Hospital

  • Commonwealth Regional Specialty Hospital

  • Crittenden Health System

  • Cumberland County Hospital

  • Cumberland Hall Behavioral Health Services

  • Ephraim McDowell Regional Medical Center

  • Flaget Memorial Hospital

  • Fleming County Hospital

  • Fort Logan Hospital

  • Frankfort Regional Medical Center

  • Gateway Rehabilitation Hospital

  • Georgetown Community Hospital

  • Greenview Regional Hospital

  • Hardin Memorial Hospital

  • Harlan Appalachian Regional Hospital

  • Harrison Memorial Hospital

  • HEALTHSOUTH Rehabilitation of Central Kentucky

  • HEALTHSOUTH Rehabilitation of Northern Kentucky

  • Highlands Regional Medical Center

  • Jackson Purchase Medical Center

  • Jane Todd Crawford Hospital

  • Jenkins Community Hospital

  • Jennie Stuart Medical Center

  • Jewish Hospital - Shelbyville

  • Kentucky River Medical Center

  • Kindred Hospital - Louisville

  • King's Daughters Medical Center

  • Knox County Hospital

  • Lake Cumberland Regional Hospital

  • Lincoln Trail Behavioral Health System

  • Livingston Hospital and Healthcare Services

  • Logan Memorial Hospital

  • Lourdes

  • Marcum & Wallace Memorial Hospital

  • Mary Breckinridge Healthcare, Inc.

  • McDowell Appalachian Regional Hospital

  • Meadowview Regional Medical Center

  • Memorial Hospital Inc.

  • Methodist Hospital

  • Methodist Hospital Union County

  • Middlesboro Appalachian Regional Hospital

  • Monroe County Medical Center

  • Morgan County Appalachian Regional Hospital

  • Muhlenberg Community Hospital

  • New Horizons Health Systems, Inc.

  • Nicholas County Hospital

  • Norton Audubon Hospital

  • Norton Brownsboro Hospital

  • Norton Hospital/Kosair

  • Norton Suburban Hospital

  • Oak Tree Hospital

  • Ohio County Hospital

  • Our Lady of Bellefonte Hospital

  • Our Lady of Peace Hospital

  • Owensboro Medical Health System, Inc.

  • Parkway Regional Hospital

  • Pattie A. Clay Regional Medical Center

  • Paul B. Hall Regional Medical Center

  • Pikeville Medical Center

  • Pineville Community Hospital

  • Ridge Behavioral Health System

  • Rivendell Behavioral Health Services

  • River Valley Behavioral Health Hospital

  • Rockcastle Hospital Inc.

  • Russell County Hospital

  • Saint Joseph Berea

  • Saint Joseph East

  • Saint Joseph Hospital

  • Saint Joseph London

  • Saint Joseph Martin

  • Saint Joseph Mount Sterling

  • Shriners Hospital for Children - Lexington

  • Southern Kentucky Rehabilitation Hospital

  • Spring View Hospital

  • St. Claire Regional Medical Center

  • St. Elizabeth Medical Center

  • St. Elizabeth Medical Center of Grant County

  • St. Luke Hospital East

  • St. Luke Hospital West

  • Sts. Mary & Elizabeth Hospital

  • T. J. Samson Community Hospital

  • Taylor Regional Hospital

  • Ten Broeck Hospital - KMI

  • The James B. Haggin Memorial Hospital

  • The Medical Center at Franklin

  • The Medical Center/Bowling Green

  • The Medical Center/Scottsville

  • Three Rivers Medical Center

  • Trigg County Hospital Inc.

  • Twin Lakes Regional Medical Center

  • UK HealthCare Good Samaritan Hospital

  • University of Kentucky Hospital

  • University of Louisville Hospital

  • VA Medical Center - Louisville

  • Wayne County Hospital, Inc.

  • Western Baptist Hospital

  • Westlake Regional Hospital

  • Whitesburg Appalachian Regional Hospital

  • Williamson Appalachian Regional Hospital